With advanced, data-driven TV and digital advertising capabilities, Altice Media Solutions powerfully connects you with the audience you want to reach.

Altice Media Solutions (formerly Cablevision Media Sales) is the advertising sales division of Altice USA, offering data-driven TV, digital, and other multi-platform advertising to clients ranging from Fortune 500 brands to local businesses. AMS services the nation’s #1 market—the NY DMA—and consists of Altice Media Solutions: Local, the New York Interconnect, and News 12 Networks. AMS provides powerful, cost-effective TV and digital advertising solutions through a suite of advanced products and services, including: its exclusive audience intelligence tool, Total Audience Data; Addressable Advertising capabilities; and Interactive platforms, which engage viewers in immersive, interactive experiences. The AMS footprint spans over 2.5 million homes containing 7+ million set-top boxes, with advertising opportunities on more than 100 cable networks.

The previous name of Altice Media Solutions, Cablevision Media Sales was acquired by Altice in June 2016. As the premier international telecommunications and media company, Altice delivers ultra-high-speed TV, Internet, and telephone (and in some countries, mobile phone) services to three regions: Western Europe (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland), Israel, and Overseas Territories (French Caribbean and Indian Ocean regions and the Dominican Republic). Altice USA serves as the name of the brand’s U.S. division.

Altice is widely recognized for their expertise in offering the most innovative products and services, and AMS is excited to bring those ad solutions to customers.

Business Units

Altice Media Solutions: Local is the regional sales division of Altice Media Solutions, serving local communities in the nation's #1 market—the New York tri-state area. With availability on over 100 cable networks and a reach of over 2.5 million households, the company offers local businesses targeted television advertising within a specified geography through Optimized Linear and Addressable Advertising capabilities, as well as online targeting on thousands of popular websites through Digital Addressable. Clients can also utilize interactive television products to reach their customers and provide a deeper level of audience engagement. Using advanced and data-driven technology, AMS: Local makes it easy and affordable for local businesses to advertise powerfully and on a greater scale.

To learn more, go to the AMS Local website


The New York Interconnect (NYI) is a partnership between Altice Media Solutions and Comcast that provides national brands with television and digital advertising opportunities in the nation’s #1 market—the NY DMA. NYI offers linear and addressable advertising on over 80 of the most popular cable networks, as well as online targeting that utilizes proprietary IP technology to deliver digital ads with over 99% accuracy.

Beginning in the second quarter of 2018, a new interconnect will be formed under the New York Interconnect banner that includes Charter Communications, in addition to Altice USA and Comcast. It will be the largest single-market ad platform in the country, with a footprint of over 6.2 million households.

Rounding out the company’s robust portfolio of ad products, NYI offers exclusive advertising opportunities on two of the top hyper-local news stations in the New York tri-state area—News 12 Networks and Spectrum News NY1.

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News 12 Networks is the largest and most-watched 24-hour local news network in the country. Owned exclusively by Altice Media Solutions, the network boasts seven local news channels in the NY tri-state region—the Bronx, Brooklyn, Connecticut, Hudson Valley, Long Island, New Jersey, and Westchester—providing each with complete access to hyper-local breaking news, traffic, weather, sports, and more.

In addition, the network also owns five traffic and weather channels that offer constantly updated information; the award-winning News12.com, the premier destination for local news on the web; News 12 Interactive, channel 612 on Optimum TV, providing local news on demand; and News 12 To Go, the network’s mobile app for phones and tablets.

Since launching in 1986, News 12 Networks has been widely recognized by the news industry with numerous prestigious honors and awards, including over 125 Emmy Awards, plus multiple Edward R. Murrow Awards, NY Press Club Awards, and more.

To learn more, go to the News 12 Networks Ad Sales website.


Total Audience Data is Altice Media Solutions’ advanced analytics tool that offers granular measurement of consumer groups, accurate hyper-local ratings, and scores of powerful insights not available through traditional sample-based measurement services. It utilizes real-time data from 7 million set-top boxes to deliver information about customer tuning behavior, such as who is tuned to what, where the audience is coming from, and how long they are staying on the channel. Because this intelligence reflects actual behavior from AMS customers, the company can precisely target and deliver ads efficiently, through services such as Optimized Linear and Addressable Advertising.

To learn more, go to the Total Audience Data website.