Extend the reach of your TV campaign to digital! With Altice Digital, advertise online to the very people who are most likely to buy your product or service. 


With Altice Digital, deliver digital ads that get you noticed. Reach the right people at the right place at the right time by using a blended solution of tactics that target the individual users most relevant to you (not a pre-existing list of audiences that other digital companies use).


  • GEO-FENCING: Serve ads to people who enter a designated, customized area of your choice (such as your place of business or a competitor’s).
  • GEO-TARGETING: Deliver ads to consumers within a geography, based on their device’s IP address.
  • FACEBOOK NEWSFEED: Display your banner and video ads within Facebook’s newsfeed, the home page that shows users’ daily posts.
  • KEYWORD CONTEXTUAL: Target ads to those who are reading content related to your product or service, based on specific keywords contained on the page.
  • CATEGORY CONTEXTUAL: Show ads to users who visit websites that are categorically relevant to what you offer.
  • SITE RETARGETING: Advertise to the consumers who visit your site by placing ads on the sites they go to after yours.
  • SEARCH RETARGETING: Send ads to people when they use search terms that relate to your product or service within webpages and apps.

With Altice Digital, stand out, turn consumers into customers, and drive repeat business!

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