Altice Media Solutions connects you with the voters you want to reach on over 100 of the most-watched networks on television.



During political season, it’s absolutely vital you reach the voters you want. AMS harnesses the power of census-level data to identify and target voter segments at the household level.

This means you have a way to directly connect with your audience. Target voters by using hundreds of segmentation attributes that go beyond age and gender. 

  • Electoral (party affiliation, vote frequency, volunteer, etc.)
  • Geographic 
  • Demographics
  • Lifestyles
  • Economic
  • TV Viewing Habits
  • Ethnicity
  • Behaviors
  • Occupation
  • Purchasing Habits
  • And hundreds more!

Then, deliver your customized message directly to your voter segment, and ensure they show up in full force on Election Day. 

Engage Voters on Every Screen

With AMS’s TV + Digital Addressable Advertising, reach voters on every screen they’re using in the home. Whether they’re watching television or browsing the web on their laptops and smartphones, deliver your targeted message to the people who matter most to you.