Special Opportunities

Don’t stop your advertising at just a :30 second commercial; utilize our other on-air and off-air promotions to give your campaign a higher level of exposure that’s sure to raise more awareness and build more buzz. We’ll work closely with you to create customized promotions that meet your specific marketing objectives.

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Empower your media campaign with tailor-made promotional opportunities that add another dimension to your advertising. Our dedicated Marketing Team can help you craft and execute various types of initiatives that put your brand and message in the spotlight, including but not limited to: 


Program sponsorships allow advertisers to become the local sponsor of some of the most popular programs their audiences are watching. When you sponsor a program, your brand message ends a tune-in commercial with your logo and an audio “tag” saying that the program is “brought to you locally by (brand name and tag line).” And with all the networks we carry, there are plenty of program sponsorship opportunities to fit your demographic need.


Extend your media campaign off-air by driving traffic to your store with a highly-publicized special event. Altice Media Solutions’ Marketing Team has strong experience creating and executing high-profile events that increase attention and brings customers right to your front door!


AMS can also extend your media buy with promotional opportunities that combine both on-air and off-air elements to provide an integrated platform for your message. For example, drive viewers to a customized website where they can enter a contest to win fabulous prizes or trips. We’ll work with you to create a promotion that connects your brand to your customers in a whole new way.


Vignettes are short, customized video clips that enhance on-air branding efforts for advertisers. These clips include informational and educational tips that get viewers thinking about topics associated with the advertiser’s product or service.

Past examples include a financial institution presenting personal finance tips from CNBC and an automobile manufacturer presenting tips on winter driving from The Weather Channel.

We work with advertisers to create targeted vignettes that include branded messaging and meaningful information for viewers.