Addressable Advertising

Empower your advertising using the effectiveness of television and the pinpoint targeting of digital! With Cablevision’s leading Addressable Advertising, reach only the people you want—with the specific message you want them to see. Send up to 5 different commercials to various targeted households and make your advertising more resonant!

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Customize your message! Cablevision’s Addressable Advertising utilizes advanced technology to give you the ability to send up to 5 commercials to targeted households all at the same time. Target using a variety of attributes such as demographics, lifestyles, geography, behaviors, or through direct matching using client or third-party data. This allows you to reach only the customers you want to target, ensuring that your ad spend is not being wasted on customers that don’t meet your requirements.

In addition, during and after a commercial flight, the ad can be tracked and measured to assess household viewing, how long it was watched, and other viewer behavior. This allows for the spot to be used as efficiently as possible.

Addressable Advertising can be purchased on a linear schedule or on an impression-based model. With a linear schedule, advertisers buy a fixed number of commercial spots in specific programs. With an impression-based model, similar to digital advertising, the advertiser can buy a set number of households that view the commercial and only pay for those households with televisions turned on when the commercial airs. This allows for a more cost-effective buy. With Cablevision’s internal data, household viewership activity is measured, providing insights that show where and when viewership is happening. Therefore, this data can show all of the networks that are being viewed by the targeted audience, allowing for commercials to run at a wider variety of times on numerous networks.


Make your media plan more powerful when you use the following attributes to customize your campaign. (There are a large number of variables available; the below is not a comprehensive list.)

  • Demographics – age, gender, education, marital status, geography, number of children in household, etc.
  • Behaviors – travel, retail, political, etc.
  • Life stages – entering adulthood, expectation parent, etc.
  • Client prospect lists
  • Third-party data using Experian, Acxiom, etc.
  • Cablevision customer data


  • Pinpoint and reach specific audiences based on viewing habits and actual behavior.
  • Optimize your media plan based on target customers.
  • Deliver up to 5 different creative messages to different household segments. When you make your advertising more relevant for customers, you make it more effective.
  • Maximize campaign efficiency and ROI by reaching only the customers you want. This eliminates waste and improves results.
  • In-language advertising: Target households that prefer to speak Spanish and deliver in-language advertising on English-language networks.

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