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Why advertise with Altice Media Solutions?

AMS is the #1 DMA in the New York tri-state area—the nation's most influential market. We have over 100 popular, diverse television networks that you can advertise on, plus innovative capabilities such as Addressable Advertising that allow you to target and reach your particular audience. Through our Digital Addressable, you can target and advertise online, reaching customers on every screen through thousands of the most popular websites. Our Advanced Products also give you the opportunity to directly engage with your customers and create a more accessible brand through interactive experiences. And with AMS’s exclusive Total Audience Data, you’ll have real-time insights from 7+ million set-top boxes that give you the power to pinpoint your audience and advertise effectively.

What is a DMA?

DMA stands for Designated Market Area, which are particular geographic markets that are usually ranked by population size. AMS belongs to the New York DMA.

Do I need to have a commercial already produced?

No, AMS has a dedicated production crew that can create a professional commercial for you! The process is completely turnkey, meaning we’ll do all the work for you—from concepting and development to production and finally, putting your ad on the air. See our ADVERTISING SERVICES page for more info.

What is a zone?

A zone is a smaller, local area within a DMA (Designated Market Area).

How many households can be reached?

The Altice Media Solutions footprint spans 2.5 million households, but you can reach specific local zones if you are looking to target geographically.

How much does advertising on TV cost?

Rates vary depending on the time, networks, programs, etc. that the commercial runs. However, you can always be assured that our rates are competitive. AMS makes it easy and affordable to advertise on cable.

How many networks can be advertised on with AMS?

With AMS, you can advertise on over 100 of the most popular and diverse networks, with more being continually added. Visit the Networks page to see a complete list.

Can a specific audience be reached?

Yes, we have a wide variety of segmentation variables that can be used to target specific customers.

How does AMS reach those customers?

With our de-identified set-top box data, we can determine with pinpoint accuracy valuable consumer insights to reach your target audience—when they are watching television and what networks/programs they are watching. When you target your customers based on their behaviors, your media plan will be much more effective and efficient.

What is an interconnect?

Interconnects are comprised of multiple cable providers within one DMA. This allows advertisers to reach a larger audience within that market since each provider covers its own geographic area.

How many households does the New York Interconnect reach?

The New York Interconnect reaches 3.2 million homes.

Why is the New York Interconnect’s household reach different than Altice Media Solutions: Local’s reach?

The New York Interconnect is a partnership between Altice Media Solutions and Comcast. This means that we are able to reach households within our own footprint, in addition to those within Comcast’s footprint.

How many networks can be advertised on with the New York Interconnect?

With the New York Interconnect, you can advertise on over 80 of the most popular and diverse networks, with more being continually added. Visit the Networks page to see a complete list. [link to NYI Networks page:

How can audiences be targeted?

Your customers can be segmented using a wide variety of variables, including but not limited to demographics (age, gender, etc.), lifestyle, and shopping behavior.

What are the seven local regional stations that make up News 12 Networks?

News 12 Networks is made up of seven different stations within the following areas: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Connecticut, Hudson Valley, Long Island, New Jersey, and Westchester. Each offers hyper-local news, weather, traffic, sports, and more that’s specific to each region.

How many households does News 12 cover?

News 12 covers 3.5 million households within the tri-state area.

What advertising opportunities are available on News 12?

Businesses can advertise with :30 second commercials, :10 second billboards, and sponsorships (such as on news segments or the lower-third news ticker) on News 12 and News 12 On Demand, as well as various multimedia ads on News12.com and News 12 To Go, the network’s mobile app.

Is News 12 a critically acclaimed news station?

Yes, our viewers have come to expect journalistic excellence from us. In fact, in just the past 10 years, News 12 has won 128 Emmy Awards, more than any other local broadcast news station in the region. 

What can Total Audience Data do for an advertiser?

Total Audience Data has many benefits:

Precisely target a desired audience – Target viewers that fit your segment criteria and provide key insights into the viewing habits of the consumers you want to reach.

Increase advertising efficiency – Total Audience Data can be used to determine the networks, dayparts, and programming that will generate the greatest exposure of your client’s message while maximizing campaign efficiency.

Leverage viewing habits to increase engagement – Altice Media Solutions can measure long-tail network engagement that is missed by traditional sample methods. Leveraging the long-tail networks allows you to continuously reach your target audience in a more efficient way. 

What makes AMS’s set-top box data unique?

AMS is the largest service provider in the New York DMA with 2.8 million unique and diverse households, containing 7 million set-top boxes. Our data utilizes real-time information from these set-top boxes, not sample-based measurements that other service providers use.

Has the Total Audience Data system been audited by an independent third party?

AMS engaged KPMG LLP to complete Trust Services examinations of management’s assertion regarding the Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, and Confidentiality of AMS’s Audience Measurement system. As a result of the examinations, KPMG issued an Independent Practitioners’ AICPA/CICA SysTrust™ report in accordance with attestation standards established by the AICPA. A copy of the most current report is available upon request by emailing info@totalaudiencedata.com.

How is data collected?

AMS collects passive tuning records at the set-top box level in a de-identified manner, meaning your customers’ personal information is never identified or collected.

At what level is measurement offered?

Reporting ability exists down to the second-by-second level.

Is an out-of-home measurement offered?

The data set includes residential and business accounts.

What are the benefits of Total Audience Data?

AMS's set-top box data offers unparalleled audience insights through:

     • An extremely large data set that provides stable, accurate measurement of long-tail networks.

     • Granularity that measures niche consumer groups and hyper-local ratings.

     • Unique attributes such as DVR trick play, including fast forward, rewind, and playback.

What are the advantages of set-top box data compared with panel data?

Because it is collected passively at the device level, set-top box data avoids the pitfalls of non-compliance or fatigue, which can occur with a panel or sample. Set-top box data yields large sample sizes for defined audiences.

Does your data have demographics?

The data set is appended with Experian, Acxiom, and other data providers’ head of household data to provide a more robust picture of the household profile. Demographics such as income, education, presence of children, and other attributes are available which offer further analytical capabilities including category and purchasing power by neighborhood and audience segments.

What is your rating edit rule?

The AMS set-top box data rating is the household accumulation of five minutes of tuning, within a quarter hour, that is then credited to the program or time period.

What is your capping edit rule?

Tuning is capped at three hours of inactivity except if indicated otherwise. We record tuning after ten seconds.

How do you preserve consumer privacy?

The data is maintained on a secure and de-identified basis—with no personally identifiable information—and only aggregated data is reported.