Addressable Advertising

Combine the effectiveness of TV with the pinpoint targeting of digital! With Addressable Advertising, precisely target only the audiences you want, then send up to 5 different commercials to various segments. 


Connect the right audience to the right ad!

Addressable Advertising allows you to target only the customers you want to reach and then deliver up to 5 commercials to those household segments. For example, an auto manufacturer can send a minivan ad to a family household, a sedan ad to a younger demo, an SUV ad to adult males, etc.

This creates efficiency, eliminates waste, and makes your ads more relevant to the consumer. Afterwards, receive valuable and in-depth data regarding campaign performance.


Segment your customers using a variety of attributes, such as:

  • Demographics – age, gender, education, marital status, geography, number of children in household, etc.
  • Behaviors – travel, retail, political, etc.
  • Life stages – entering adulthood, expectation parent, etc.
  • Client prospect lists
  • Third-party data using Experian, Acxiom, etc.
  • New York Interconnect customer data
  • And hundreds more variables!


Gauge the reach, effectiveness, and engagement of your campaign. The New York Interconnect provides you with robust data reports to assess campaign performance, including:

  • Ad impression measurement
  • Ad delivery performance
  • Aggregated impressions by segment and network
  • Aggregated tune time by segment and network

Contact a sales representative today to target effectively using Addressable Advertising!