Extend the reach of your television addressable campaign to digital! With Digital Addressable, target your audiences online with over 99% accuracy. Create a more unified campaign with cross-screen engagement by combining precision targeting on both television and digital. 


The New York DMA is the nation’s most affluent, diverse, and engaged market, which is why it’s so important to connect with your audience on whatever screens they’re using.

Digital Addressable allows you to target and reach your customers on every digital screen they’re using in the home—computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile—with over 99% accuracy. Advertise among thousands of internet publishers spanning various categories like news, sports, entertainment, food, lifestyle, and gaming, ensuring you connect with the people you want to reach.


Most digital ad companies target using cookies, but the problem is that people often block them. Others use IP addresses to target, but IP addresses change constantly and don’t provide an exact location. Then, there’s the New York Interconnect. Because of our unique position as an internet provider, NYI can cross-reference IP addresses with anonymized subscriber information, allowing us to target with over 99% accuracy.


  • Pinpoint-Accurate Targeting: Leverage precision targeting and addressability at the household level across multiple screens.
  • Cohesive data-driven planning: Joint TV and digital media planning enables accurate ROI analysis and campaign optimization.
  • Measurement and accountability: Addressable IP targeting is the most accurate cross-platform measurement in the industry today and provides authenticated results.


When TV and Digital Addressable are combined, you execute a unified campaign that maximizes engagement on various screens. And studies prove their joint effectiveness! In one instance, when TV and Digital are used in conjunction, brand recall improves by 33%, likeability increases by 40%, and message recall surges by 45%*! Give your brand prime visibility on every screen today.

*Source: Nielsen 2013. IAB Online Video Study: Digital Video and TV Advertising Viewing Budget Share Shift and Effectiveness.