Total Audience App is an unparalleled, intuitive app that puts the power of Altice Media Solutions' Total Audience Data right at your fingertips! It automates the media-planning process from weeks to minutes. The app harnesses census-level tuning data from approx. 7 million set-top boxes to create customized campaigns that most efficiently targets your audience.

And even better? YOU have all the power. Choose all the parameters of your campaign, from segment to flight dates to impressions. With Total Audience App, instantly generate a media plan that works best for you.


  • Create customized Addressable and Optimized Linear campaigns that target at the household level.
  • Make audience- or impression-based buys that maximize your budget or impression goals.
  • Customize your campaign. Identify your target geography, segment your audience using hundreds of customer demographics and behaviors, input your flight dates, and specify your budget or impression count.