Total Audience Data Overview

Total Audience Data is the New York Interconnect’s exclusive measurement tool, providing census-level tuning data and deep-dive analytics that allow advertisers to precisely target their audiences.
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Total Audience Data is the New York Interconnect’s exclusive, innovative measurement and analytics tool offering granular measurement of consumer groups, accurate hyper-local ratings, and scores of powerful insights not available through traditional sample-based measurement services. We utilize real-time information from 7+ million set-top boxes within the AMS footprint to derive more valuable metrics that can be used to power effective targeting, such as:

  • HOW many customers are in your geography
  • WHAT they are watching
  • WHEN they are tuned in

With this information, we can precisely reach the consumers you’re looking for. We eliminate the guesswork by utilizing actual data to drive smart advertising.


Total Audience Data can be used to:

  • Maximize audience discovery, allowing you to precisely pinpoint your customers;
  • Evaluate your audience’s television consumption, to understand where and when they’re tuned in; and
  • Optimize your media strategy to reach those audiences.

In addition, Total Audience Data provides post-campaign metrics, including:

  • Target impressions
  • Impression delivery by segment, week, network, daypart, reach, and frequency
  • Household counts of specific advertiser segments.

This advanced reporting and measurement data works to optimize your campaign to reach its maximum potential.


Because Total Audience Data is such an integral component in driving and evaluating media campaigns, we hold these analytics to the highest standards. Therefore, Total Audience Data is SOC3 compliant, meaning it is audited and verified. Click here for more information.